CCE Suffolk: A Century of Service

For nearly 100 years, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County has been educating farmers, fishermen, families and youth about ways to improve their lives and their livelihoods. 

Extension educators, most of them trained scientists, develop environmental stewardship standards, production practices and pest management methods for our farmers. They provide guidance on protecting our waters, thereby preserving natural resources and sustaining abundant fin fish and shellfish. 

Teaching Suffolk families about proper nutrition and maintaining a wholesome family environment is a focus of our educators. CCE Suffolk has extensive programs dedicated to children. These initiatives encourage our young people to enjoy their surroundings, become positive community members and strive for higher education. Our work with at-risk youth has proven to help these youngsters turn their lives around.

The Education Foundation for Suffolk County Extension exists to sustain these programs by providing the financial stability necessary to ensure they are here for future generations of Suffolk County residents. Can we count on your help?

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